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film critic, translator

1. Pink Narcissus (1971)
   James Bidgood|feature film

2. 時光莖(Queue du temps)

3. Hollow Knight
    Team Cherry|game (on Nintendo Switch)

4. Girl To City: A Memoir
    Amy Rigby|podcast

5. A Night of Knowing Nothing (2021)
    Payal Kapadia|feature film

1. Pink Narcissus (1971)

“What is art should never be determined exclusively by those who can afford it. You have to feel art. It demands a physical response.”

RIP James Bidgood (1933 – 2022)

2. 時光莖(Queue du temps)

3. Hollow Knight

(失手誤殺不再唱歌的失魂礦工Myla)或,促成釘匠與畫家 Sheo 的幸褔同居生活。

4. Girl To City: A Memoir

首次完整聽一本書,感謝 amy rigby 的音樂陪我失眠。
“let’s go out with a bang, not a whimper. whatever happens, i still believe in this shit” ...〈One Off〉

5. A Night of Knowing Nothing (2021)

/ and amongst them, i saw new faces too... who were listening so sincerely to everything being spoken. those faces were of the new students. i imagined that in three years they too might have the same deep love for one another. perhaps, they might lean on each others shoulders and close their eyes with the tiredness of being alive. perhaps, they might think of each other as lovers, as brothers, as parents or as teachers. /